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Women on the Run (1993)

Women on the Run (1993)
Year: 1993
Duration: 01:28:55
Directed by: David Lai, Corey Yuen
Actors: Tamara Guo, Farini Cheung, Wai Tak Wong
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Subtitle: English.srt
Also known as: Chek law kwong ban, Gynaikes se… drasi, Chi luo kuang ben
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106553/
Size: 1.43 GiB

Police in Hong Kong prepares operation to capture the Chinese drug Lord king Kong (Kim Won-Jin). To do this, they send to him “decoy ducks” in the face of the woman police rainbow and Chinese prostitutes who are drug addicts Swallow. But the situation is not going according to plan and the women were in Canada, where they were accused of transporting drugs. Women will have to extricate themselves from the situation and the strongest incentive is – the desire to take revenge on those who betrayed their…

Review of Women on the Run movie: Swallow – ordinary girl, whose interests have never gone beyond the practice of Wushu or Jogging. But one day man, whom she had trusted, betrayed her. She put before the fact that she is a prostitute. Now everyone can offend and abused her. Expecting help, and Swallow starts to struggle for the path to the top…

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