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Pleasant Days (2002)

Pleasant Days (2002)
Also Known As: Szep napok
Country: Hungary
Genre: Drama
Duration: 01;22;42
Video: DVDRip, AVI
Size: 702 Mb
Director: Kornel Mundruczo
Starring: Tamás Polgár, Orsolya Tóth, Kata Wéber, Lajos Ottó Horváth, András Réthelyi, Károly Kuna, Anna Szandtner, Kolos Oroszi, Claudia Tilly, Erika Molnár, Balázs Dévai, István Tímár, Magdolna Kovács, Bálint Kósa, Margit Balák

Peter returned from prison in his native city, in the hope that it will begin happy days. With surprise he learns that his sister became a foster mother to the newborn boy, but a real mother of the . – extravagant and slutty Maya wants to take it back. Peter falls in love with Maya. He’s torn between his girlfriend and trying to manipulate sister. But he has to make a choice, and the happiness was so close, melt into thin air.

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