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Unang Tikim (2006)

Title              : Unang Tikim
Directed by    : Cesar S.B. Abella
Writer            : Cesar S.B. Abella (story)
Release Date  : 2006 (Philippines)
Genre           : Drama,Romance,Adult.
Language      : Tagalog
Cast            :  Nika Madrid, Rev reyes, Rizza Rossilini.


Mitos (Nika Madrid) is a typical bar girl whoe sells flesh just to augment a living. Danny Boy (Rev Reyes), a typical school teenager who fell in love with her despite being a prositute.

Everything altered when she let Danny Boy experience his “first time”. Both share the course of bodily fascination and enjoy the intensity of lustful obsession…until one day, guilt feelings envelop her conscience. Because of their dissimilar level of soul, she decided to give up everything and went back to the province.

Will genuine hoard their boundless relationship or intense passion be the reason for them to lay back once more in each other’s heart?
一個女孩獨自一人生活在農村地區的菲律賓,是個妓女。在該地區的許多男性村民想和她上床或迷戀她,他們中的大多數人闖入了她的房子和攻擊她,其中,後30 秒左右,她給和有與他們的性別,她似乎非常喜歡。一個男孩對她有意思,和生氣時,她繼續她的工作作爲一個妓女,並試圖讓她放棄它。

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