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Tukso (2005)

Tukso (2005)
Directed: Cesar S.B. Abella
Genre: Erotic, Drama.
Film Rating:     Philippine 18+,
Japan (Pinku)
Indian Mallu 18+
(Rating comparison to other Asian movie)
Runtime: 1hr 25mn 24sc
Also Known As: N/A
Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog
Subtitles: N/A
Year: 2005

Raja Montero
Kuhdet Honasan
Jon Romana
Jasmine Rosales
Carmela De Leon
Clark Conception

Plot: Two ladies with two different stories of survival, for devoted love, thirst for desire and battle for life’s survival.
Teresa (Rajah Montero) and Roberto were officemates who got married because of unexpected pregnancy.

Conflict arises when Roberto meets a bar girl named Vanessa (Kuhdet Honasan).
Magnetize with her luscious body language, he easily gives in and tumble with the impious temptation.

Their marriage falls apart. Teresa went back to the province and Roberto becomes ecstatic with her mistress, which resulted to a love child.
Years passed by, every immoral deed has a counter consequence.
Everything falls apart when Roberto became jobless.
Believing that his life is a complete mess, he tries to put an end to everything leading to a tragic and grievous ending.

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