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Throw the Cross Away (2006)

Throw the Cross Away  (2006)
AKA:   생산적 활동
Starring:        Im Seo-Hee, Lee Eung-Jae, No Jun-Ho
Director:        Oh Jeom-Gyun
Genre:        Drama, Romance, Satire
Language:        Korean
Country:        South Korea

Mi-yoo and Li jae-sung’s marriage loses all the passion. Mi-Yoo falls in love with Tung-fai at the first sight. she has unlimited sexual fantasy and illusions on him. Tung-fai works in a vehicle agency. Pretending as a costumer, Mi-yoo takes the initiative to get acquainted with him. They then kiss and make love fiercely and soon start to live together and pursuit the estascy of sex. However, Mi-yoo soon finds out Tung-fai still has ambiguous relationship with other girls and feel heartbroken. She walks alone distraitly, Jae-sung follows and assaults her.
Mi-yoo stays far afield to recuperate, then she meets tung-fai again and their love sparkles again while making love on the snow………

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