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The Love & Sex of the Eastern Hollywood (1998)

The Love & Sex of the Eastern Hollywood (1998)
Also Known As: Oi joi yue lok guen dik yat ji /爱在娱乐圈的日子
Year: 1998
Country: Hong Kong
Directed by: Aman Cheung
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Duration: 1h 37mn
Language: Dual Audio
Subtitles: English

Athena Chu
Angie Cheung
Jimmy Wong Ga Lok
Paulyn Sun
Kathy Chow
Monica Chan
Emotion Cheung
Sunny Chan
Michael Lam

Everybody has a dream. What happens when several young pretty girls share the same dream- to be a superstar in the Eastern Hollywood? Different characters and different fates lead them to separate destinies. One accepts a mediocre marriage after an unrealistic, though fascinating love. One has an affair, though she lives a material life. Another one realizes true heart is hard to find after she stumbles and falls in love with a man, as well as a lesbian. The results are several different interpretations of the same dream. There are a lot of references to the HK entertainment industry. The primary characters are parodies on contemporary actresses: Yue (obviously Sandra Ng Kwan Yue), Ying (a take on Veronica Yip), Salina/Pink (Kenny B’s ex-wife) and Maggie (a not-too-subtle take on Maggie Cheung).

娱乐圈对于少女来讲充满了诱惑和希望,本片记述了六个在娱乐圈闯荡的少女所遇到的故事,这六名少女都顺利的进入了娱乐圈,成为万千观众的超级偶像。但不同 性格与际遇延伸出不同的人生故事。饱尝风霜雨露之后,她们是否更能将有血有肉的亲身体验带进演艺生涯的角色中去,还是受尽折磨打击后沉沦下去,从此人间蒸 发?总之是每个故事各自各精彩。故事开始,六位主角在一般女性都喜好的Royce Boutique中购物……美琪(周海媚)被富商追求,竟弄到身败名裂。丙嫂(孙佳君)与有妇之夫不伦恋,遗弃家庭。阿如(朱茵)被男友抛弃,与女上司严 秋(陈法蓉)发生同性恋,但女上司也是花心之人。温馨(张慧仪)博出位而隆胸,从此星途灿烂,但被骗财骗色。小红(杨嘉玲)被旧男友及其兄轮奸,从此走上 卖淫之路。

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