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Naked Poison 2 (2002) AKA:獸性新人類II–失憶性行為

Naked Poison 2
Year: 2002
Directed: Batman Hung Chung Hap
Genre: Adult / Fantasy
Runtime 1:39:39
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English srt

Sophie Ngan Chin Man
Mark Cheng Ho Nam
Ruby Wong Jo Yi
Coco Chau
Matthew Ng Ting
Yoyo Ng

During the murder of her boyfriend, Ann is hit and loses her ability to remember more than the previous 15 minutes at any given time. But she swears to find the murderer and recall her past with the aid of her tattooes, which provide her with vital information. Starting with a blank canvas, she must make sense of the people around her–a cop, a business woman, a divorcee, and a transsexual–in order to make put the pieces together.

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