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Female (2005)

Female (2005)
AKA: Fîmeiru
Subtitles……English srt & English/Korean Sub/Idx
Directors: Ryuichi Hiroki
Stars: Kyoko Hasegawa, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Eri Ishida


Female is comprised of five shorts. “Momo”(Peaches) is about a 29yr old woman who goes back to her hometown for a funeral many years after moving away.  The woman was involved in a scandal with her teacher when she was young, when people found out she and her family moved to Tokyo.  “Taiyô no mieru basho made” (Drive Until you See the Sun) is about a old hostess who gets robbed inside a taxi by a young woman at knife point. The taxi is being driven by another woman, she has also been robbed and is being forced to drive around the city.  “Yoru no shitasaki” (Licking Nights) is about a female factory worker who is keeps getting hit on by her superior, but she does not like him she likes someone in the accounting department.  She agrees to go on a date with her superior if he agrees to give her a vacation first.  On her vaction she buys a strange object which allows her to control her dreams. “Megami no kakato” (Heels of the Muse) tells the story of a boy who tutors his girlfriend at her house but, is obsessed with her attractive mom. “Tamamushi” (Jewel Beetle) is a short about a middle aged woman who lives in a small village.  She has no job but, is supported by a rich old man in exchange for sex.

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