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Angel Delight (1992)

Angel Delight 1992
Year: 1992
Directed: Kong Yeung
Genre: Adult
Runtime 1:31:56
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English / Chinese

Chang Siu Yin
Gam Biu
Rena Otomo
Wong Shu Tong
Angela Yu Chien
Yue Chi Wai

Events in a brothel in HK in the 1920s, concerning several sets of characters. There’s a group of businessmen who try to outdo each other, to their eventual financial ruin. There’s young Mr Chan who has a rich father, and who is adored by two sisters (Sim and Nan) who are sold to the brothel. There’s a beauty contest, the winner being the one who raises the most for charity, who then sleeps with the winner, but the winner is Kwai Piu Heung, who has hated men ever since she was screwed sore by the bane of HK whores, Master Ma. Loads of nudity and sex scenes with a number of very pretty girls.
【影片片名】:絕版經典國片~塘西風月痕 (粵語中英字)
【英文片名】:Angel Delight (1992)
【影片大小】:888 MB
【影片格式】:DAT 【美亞原盤VCD】
【影片演員】:曾小燕.秦虹.大友梨奈.于芷蔚.林于飛.袁雯.于倩.劉莉莉.吳聲發.陳健一.伍興華. 等.
【語種發音】:粵語發音.中英字幕. (全無外加礙眼浮水印)
【影片類型】:時裝. 劇情. 巨乳 妓院床第艷事. 女同. 激情. 風趣.哀艷. 等.
【影片片商】:安樂有限公司製作. 美亞鐳射影碟有限公司發行.
【影片票房】:HK $2,912,117.00 (01/09/1992-01/24/1992 )



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