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Maze: Secret Love (2015)

Title: Maze: Secret Love
Genre: •Melodrama •Romance •Thriller
Release Date: 2015/04/23
Runtime: 69min
Director: Hideo Jojo (城定秀夫)
Cast:希志爱野 / 吉泽明步/Kim Min-gi (김민기)/Kang Ho (강호)/Hwang Ji-hoo (황지후)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Korean Hardcoded

Dong-hyeon and Yong-joon coincidentally meet at an acting audition. A strange gentleman appears in front of the both of them who are sick of failing at these auditions and suggests something to them. Meanwhile, Ayaka comes to Korea with her best friend Saori to meet her fiancé, Min-joon’s parents. She runs into Dong-hyeon and Yong-joon who ask her to star in something and although she’s not up for it, she’s ushered into doing it by Shiori who loves handsome men. They move locations to a run-down facility and suddenly all exits are blocked and the four of them are trapped. Ayaka looks for an exit but instead finds cameras put up everywhere and gets the feeling that they are being watched. She suspects Yong-joon and Dong-hyeon of being behind this. Suddenly, young men overdosed with gas appear out of no where and try to rape Ayaka and Shiori. Dong-hyeon and Yong-joon fight them to save the women. All this is recorded live and sent to a crowd who is watching from a theater,enjoying it. Yong-joon and Shiori escape into another room but soon they are gassed and they suddenly want each other so bad. Then Shiori loses her mind and kills Yong-joon. Min-joon is watching this amongst the crowd at the theater. What happened between Ayaka and Min-joon…?

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