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The Girls from China (1992)

The Girls from China (1992)
Directed by: Taylor Wong
Stars: Isabella Chow, Pauline Chan, Jimmy Au
Language: Cantonese | Subtitles: English, Cantonese
Country:  Hong Kong
Imdb Info:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108585/
Also known as: Wo lai zi Bei Jing, Whores from China

Story is about Ying, a girl from Beijing who comes to Hong Kong to find work and stay with her wealthy uncle. She is played by the stunningly beautiful Isabella Chow, whose charms easily carry this picture. At first, Ying is harassed sexually by her uncle and her employer at work, which sends her into the arms of the kind but psychotic Kent. He is possessive and wants her to marry him. However, she wants a career before settling down, and leaves him. Soon after, she runs into an old girlfriend who is now a part-time prostitute. She advises Ying to start using sex to further her career. Ying tries it, discovers she is good at it, and soon her career is skyrocketing. Just as everything is going perfectly and she has attained a corporate position of such power that she doesn’t have to compromise anymore, the psychotic Kent returns with a video tape of them having sex, and starts pressuring Ying to continue their relationship despite Ying’s now being engaged to be married to another guy. Ying then decides to go along with Kent’s scheme for a while, but soon she hatches a plan to set him up, framing him for sexual crimes he did not actually commit
周弘持單程證從中國大陸來港,與同鄉姐妹陳寶蓮哂锰熨x本錢,顛倒眾生,更擠身入名流社會,結識富商李某,將情慾奉獻,未幾又邂逅英俊少年何英偉,雙方情 頭意合,正籌備婚禮期間,前度男友歐瑞偉突然出現,苦苦痴纏,致使這個來自中國的少女自苦海浮出求生,又墜入這茫茫慾海浮沉掙扎……

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