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The Smell of Us (2014)

The Smell of Us (2014)
Language: French
Country: France
Genre: Drama
Director: Larry Clark
Writers: Mathieu Landais (screenplay) (as Scribe) , Larry Clark (screenplay)
Casts: Lukas Ionesco, Diane Rouxel, Hugo Behar-Thinieres, Theo Cholbi, Rayan Ben Yaiche, Adrien Binh Doan, Maxime Terin, Niseema, Dominique Frot, Philippe Rigot, Valerie Maes, Jean-Christophe Quenon

The Smell Of Us – yes, there is plenty of sniffing of youthful flesh – is, of course, a provocative and challenging film, as Larry Clark presents his vision of French youth culture. The characters are largely bland and one-dimensional, but then these are not fully formed youthful characters, rather a series of traits, sexual experimenters and angry youth there to offer up a broad version of the confused naivety of troubled Parisian teen skateboarders…

The key central young character is Math (Lukas Ionesco), a sullen, blank but angelically good-looking youth who makes money as a rent boy, but also attracts the adoration of friends JP (Hugo Behar-Thinieres) and Marie (Diane Rouxel). JP, in love with Math, also sells himself to keep up with his friend, while Marie works her way into their friendship, but ultimately contrives to drive them apart, leading to tragic results.

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