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Crazy Love (1993)

Crazy Love (1993)
A.K.A: Fruit Is Ripe | Mi tao cheng shu shi | 李麗珍蜜桃成熟時
IMDB LINK: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107565/
Cast: Shui-Wah Fok, Loletta Lee, Tom Poon, Fui-On Shing
Directed: Roman Cheung
Genre: Drama | Romance | Erotic
Runtime: 1h 13mn
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: ENGLISH | CHINESE T/S | Japanese .idx.sub

Crazy Love attempts to mix soft-core sex with broad situation comedy, and the surprise is that it actually works all right, for the most part. Leading lady Loletta Lee isn’t that great an actress, but this film wisely stays away from complex drama and instead uses Lee’s virginal looks and fresh-faced charm. The character of Jane is actually a pretty interesting one — part Brigitte Bardot imitator (in her mischievous exhibitionist tendencies) and part Loki-like troublemaker. She likes to make trouble for men who ogle her, and the resulting shenanigans are unsubtle, but often funny, if a bit broad and unsophisticated in that Hong Kong way. And the addition of the sexually liberated hippie character is actually quite advanced for a Hong Kong film — there is enough charm in the character to prevent him from being a complete cliche. The erotic scenes are mostly tame and self-consciously shot, with generic shots and music thrown in for the measure, but there is one genuinely erotic scene where Lee touches herself — is it coincidence that it’s also the one erotic scene here where she keeps most of her clothes on?
暑假期间,父母安排其前往英国参加夏令营, 她却想趁此机会计划一个属于自己的假期,暗地里将机票送给好友,自己却前往男友处准备与其过甜蜜的二人世界。岂料发现男友正与另一女子鬼混,她一气之下开 始自己的孤独旅途,一路上遇到了各色人士,有好色的流氓、不羁的浪子、有趣的夫妻……到底珍能否找到心中所爱呢?

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