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Bed Companions (1988)

Bed Companions (1988)
AKA: Hua xin ye mei gui
Year: 1988
Directed: Cheung Ngan-Ting
Genre: Adult
Runtime 1:28:00
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English / Chinese

Tao Chiang
Charlie Cho
Jang Lee Hwang
Jo Ngan Jo
Gee Mei Kim
Ho Kai Law
Ching Ha Lee
Ken Lo
Tom Poon
Lit Wai

Bed Companions comes from the right decade to warrant the detours into a little bit of everything but it can’t sit proud to other entertaining efforts employing the stance. This is largely, boring soap opera stuff with a crudely inserted tangent about Wendy missing her husband, stale direction and only mild interest in Charlie Cho’s antics on screen. I say crude but for a few seconds one time director Cheung Ngan-Ting almost has us siding with the heartbroken Wendy in a long shot, naked in the shower after being rejected by Mr. Sung. ALMOST heartbreaking and it’s the closest we get to character in the film. Remaining interaction is very stale, especially Poon Jan-Wai’s and Jo Jo Ngan’s initial scenes, something very well illustrated in an awkward cut away of Ngan smiling and let’s say she isn’t setting the screen on fire.
Looking at Charlie again, clearly we have an ass of a man only caring for asses other than his wife’s so it’s not different from countless of mentioned roles but Cho isn’t portraying his entire sleazy self on the outside in 1988 and even has what could be counted as a tender sex scene here! And when you see him turning down sex even, you know you’re looking at the early development of the (sparse) fan favourite.

So the wife goes on a little sexual exploration of her own to be satisfied, to avenge a possibly cheating husband (he is), several characters are lying hypocrites, sex scenes are interrupted by Mainland immigrants and Hwang Jang-Lee and gang (also including Kong Do) kidnap Kimi to have their way with her… it’s neither fun or energetic this apparent whirlwind of content. No charisma outside of bad guy extraordinaire Hwang and Cho exists and you of course don’t care who’s having sex with who, you barely know who anyone is and hell, you wish Kimi would be viciously cut up or raped just to have some sense of energy in the film (in fact, she uses her female strength the exploitation way to get out of trouble). Bed Companions is simply put a brief companion that you’d rather leave behind for full on Charlie Cho whirlwind efforts in the 90s. Cho in the 80s sucked.

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