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Fetish / Pantyhose Beautiful Legs wife (2012)

Fetish / Pantyhose Beautiful Legs wife (2012) – 720p
Also Known As: Pantyhose Beautiful Legs wife
Director: Yamauchi Daisuke
Cast : Yuu Kawakami (Shizuku Morino) / nakamitsuseiji Makoto Tamaki
Release Date: 3 August 2012
Runtime: 60 min.
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Were the Hentai that a husband had abnormal deep attachment toward stockings in Sadhisuto…. At a certain night, find a small run to a thigh in selfish Pantyhose Play of husband, Masashi…. Call Tenchou, the Kazuhito of the store for anger of the Dotou. Masashi who I tell that an objection classifies this matter into the head office as a disgraceful affair, and laughs loudly and the Kazuhito which bite lips in the way that I am annoyed. The man of the Thisshu place of the telephone dating club that I saw during shopping of one day was Kazuhito. The Kazuhito which sounds the chime of the entrance in pursuit of the citron moon. Two people who covet a daytime love affair. However, did not follow for a long time for such a happy days….

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