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Ma mi (2013)

Ma mi (2013)
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 2 April 2013
Genres: Drama
RUNTiME: 1h 5mn
RELEASE SiZE : 1.40 GiB /720p
Director: Ziqiang He
Stars: Jing Chen, Ching-Yen Huang, Minqiang Jing

《妈咪》 (China Sex and The City) 夜总会三陪女孩的淫荡迷醉生活 。
主演:王洁曦 陈静 宁子 黄嫀砚 ,该剧由何自强执导,根据真实故事改编而成,以独特的视角剖析边缘世界的内部生活,揭­露被忽视群体的尊严与人性挣扎,是一部充满话题性的数字电影。故事 讲述在夜场工作的三­个女孩若诗、瑶瑶、小雨,因为不同的价值观,虽是好姐妹却走上完全不同的人生轨道。通­过三个女孩的心态与人生轨迹,以及夜场中形形 色色人的生活状态,为观众呈现一段不一样­的夜场故事。
Review :
overall i would rate this movie as 4.5 out of 5 stars and strongly recommend anyone to watch if you understand Chinese because it has a lot of thought that we can think about.

for example, we will never know much about a person past and shouldn’t judge a person based on their past based on our own assumption although i admit i was having a little this “bias” feeling.
besides, the photographer seems to be just “cheat” the girl with his “chasing girl skills” but i not sure whether he is acting or saying the truth when breaking up with the girl after having sex with her.
in the last of the scene, there was a quite meaningful Chinese sentence that is “即使赚得了全世界,却失去了自己,又有什么意义呢?” which means if you can earn all the money around the world, but you have lost yourself, then what is the meaning of life?

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