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Natalie (2010)

Natalie (2010)
A.K.A: Natalri
Cast: Lee Seong-Jae(a), Kim Ji-Hun(b), Park Hyeon-Jin
Directed: Ju Gyeong-Jung
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Runtime: 1:29:47
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: ENGLISH .srt
File Format: AVI

Natalie is a masterpiece sculpture depicting beauty of a woman. The identity of the woman depicted in the sculpture is unknown. “Natalie” is then presented to the public at an art exhibition held by sculptor Hwang Jun-Hyuk (Lee Sung-Jae). On the last day of the exhibition Jun-Hyuk tells art critic Jang Min-Woo (Kim Ji-Hoon) about a passionate affair with modern dance student Oh Mi-Ran (Park Hyun-Jin). Art critic Min-Woo tells Jun-Hyuk that Mi-Ran loves him. Jun-Hyuk and Min-Woo have different memories surrounding Mi-Ran and they begin to unveil the secret surrounding her.

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