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Hanyang Gibang : Chunhyang (2015)

Hanyang Gibang : Chunhyang (2015)
YEAR……………: 25 Nov 2015
DIRECTOR………..: 김민욱
STARS…………..: 나영, 지오, 주리, 윤지
GENRES………….: Drama | Erotic
COUNTRY…………: South Korea
LANGUAGE………..: Korean
ALSO KNOWN AS……: 한양기방 춘향뎐
FORMAT………….: Brip | 2.24 GB | 89mins| 1280×720| MP4

Explorer is a fun-filled singles girls eat! Joseon era gisaengjip Nestled in the early crusty Hanyang ‘maewoldang. Madame gyeokin noksu led by the stipulated that wolhyang. Haruka. Shim Chung such a great feast was held in the gisaengjip living with the parasite that combines good looks with examples. That is why, for a long night’s envoy to the writing daegam left by Maehyang This is because of Hamhung came back to Seoul again in eight years. I usually always noksu was seeking a place of Madame wolhyang gwonryeokyok year because of the strong temptation for the writing night daegam yichame to the jaksim to take over the helm of the ‘maewoldang. A woman wearing a kimono rain in one night knock on the door of the ‘maewoldang.’ ‘ “I opened the door a kongjwi working as a maid in a geisha in Japan, maewoldang namikko ‘is to ask for it to meet different wolhyang … The next morning, a man who worked in maewoldang’ maid of dolsoe is stabbed while Haruka byeonsache lost hairpins found to be ‘maewoldang’ has caused a great commotion. Nephew, Lee doryeong close relatives of wolhyang Then this brings the care of the car ‘maewoldang’ because sickly body. Gopsang courtesan gutted and all of the most popular and … gibang my courtesan to look like girls are singing yidoryeong called the yidoryeong ‘flower doryeong’ and to dream that with love. What is really stagnation of quaint flower somewhere doryeong section GB is flowing? The very stealthy and girls Explorer to get the full stipulated show off his mind begins!

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