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The Unpublicizable File (1993)

The Unpublicizable File (1993)
Year: 1993
Directed: Siu Wai Ma
Genre: Crime / Horror
Runtime 1:21:48
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English / Chinese

Cast: William Ho Ka Kui / Austin Wai Tin Chi

Hoping to run a restaurant with his daughter Michelle, father and daughter have only each other and the restaurant’s chef Liang Mu-sheng(a risk-takers by nature and heavy gambler).The father’s brother recently got into a traffic accident, whom is convinced it was his fault. Cher is an officer of CID that’s investigating the accident but has high hopes for this father-daughter restaurant. Additionally, Liang Mu-sheng owes many debts. He ends up seeking assistance from high-power loan sharks in hopes of paying off even more debts. Liang resorts to begging in hopes of resolving these issues during a critical moment in which conflict is eminent…

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