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The Uninvited – A Welcome Guest (2016)

The Uninvited – A Welcome Guest (2016)
Released: 29 Sep 2016
Runtime: 87 Mins
Genre: Thriller
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean

A fugitive sneaks into a house where an appropriate affair is happening of all places.

Ji-hoon became a wanted man because of betrayal by one of his colleagues. To avoid being arrested by police, he sneaks into a stranger’s house one day. However, what was happening in the house was that wife walks in on her husband having an affair with another woman? Under the absurd situation, Ji-hoo captures them all as his hostage.

The hostage captor has become a welcome guest for the wife, Eun-joo.

Eun-joo has dropped by her house to take a short break while holding a funeral. However, she finds two unwelcome guests in the house. One is her friend, who is having an affair with the husband. The other one is the hostage captor, a stranger, whom Eun-joo has never seen before.

Nonetheless, the hostage captor is on Eun-joo’s side now, who has no one to lean on.

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