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Me & My Sex Android 2: Good Bye to a Bedfellow (2011)

Me & My Sex Android 2: Good Bye to a Bedfellow (2011)
Japanese Title: Love Pop Collection: Furin Chudoku
Director: Yuji Tajiri
Cast: Mari Yamaguchi, Yo Takahashi, Mutsuo Yoshioka
Genre: Comedy Science Fiction Romance
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese

Me & My Sex Android 2: Good Bye to a Bedfellow 2011 – The love we shared at the ocean. Yurika Ito lives in Tokyo. She is in an illicit love affair with her boss Shimazu. The two were planning an overseas trip, but it gets cancelled when Shimazu’s wife finds out she’s pregnant. Yurika had been deceived, believing Shimazu’s words when he said he was leaving his wife. Now, Yurika receives a phone call from her mother who she hadn’t talked to in a long time. Her mother tells her to bring home a boyfriend or else, agree to an arranged marriage. Yurika calls up a few ex-boyfriends, but they all seem rather cold. Pressed by the situation, she decides to go for a “Rental Boy” and rents a boy called “Ack-kun” and takes him home as her boyfriend.

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