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Be My Slave (2012)

Be My Slave (2012)
Subtitles : English
Genre: Drama Comedy Romance
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Toru Kamei
Actors: Dan Mitsu Itsuji Itao Hiroaki Mayama Kanji Furutachi Asuka Ishii Ken Kaito Ini Kusano Michié Nahana Misaki Saijô Aya Sugimoto Taiji Takamastu

Synopsis :
Gravure model Dan Mitsu has been making headlines for her willingness to push the boundary of her sexy persona. Now, she makes her provocative feature film debut with Be My Slave, an edgy erotic drama based on a popular novel about the secret fetishes of urbanites. Dan Mitsu stars as Kana, a female employee at a publishing company who strikes up a sexual relationship with a younger co-worker (Mayama Akihiro). He soon discovers that Kana’s fetishes extend to sadomasochistic tendencies, involving a mysterious man only known as “Sensei” (Itao Itsuji). This discovery will push his relationship with Kana to a new, dangerous level that he may not be ready for.

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