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A Virgin in the Family (1975)

A Virgin in the Family (1975)
Alternate Titles: una vergine in famiglia eine jungfrau in blue jeans mia… parthena stin oikogeneia una virgen en la familia
Directed By: Mario Siciliano
Released: 11 Oct 1975
Runtime: 91 Mins
Genre: Drama
Countries: Italy
Languages: English Italian Spanish

The strand that opposes the bourgeois morality of the solar facade freedom of sexual behavior is an additional coarse exemplary in this film where the most excessive declarations of honesty of a family hiding intrigues and debauchery. Father, mother and son are all entangled. Only daughter, Anna, seems to be out. “He studied and preserved virgin” is the recommendation that the father, truffle hardened, the repeats. But when she discovers her father with his secretary, starts for her, more than a drama, a confused search morbid. Approaches, waste, leaks, adventurous experiences until, almost by breaking it with an equivocal situation, ask an occasional companion to deprive her of her virginity, as a cumbersome burden. Then haughtily refuses the marriage with a young friend, that his father would want to impose “the good name of the family” and flees with the father of his friend, to a free tomorrow.

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