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Oligosaccharide The Movie (2017)

Oligosaccharide The Movie (2017)
AKA : 올리고당 더 무비 (ol-li-go-dang deo mu-bi)
Director : No Zin-soo (노진수)
Cast : Lee Chae-dam, Ji Eun-seo, Kim Hwa-yeon, Rahi, Seo Eun-seo
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

We need something sweeter and stickier!
A truth tale about “Oligosaccharide” written by Crocodile Man. One ‘Geun-hyeok’ and ten ‘Mi-jeongs’ put on a sexy adult fantasy!
One, Geun-hyeok and Mi-jeong switch bodies after they have intercourse.
Two, Mi-jeong asks Geun-hyeok for something as she’s about to get married…
Three, Mi-jeong is a call girl who seduces Geun-seok. She’s actually a killer. What is she?
Four, Tae-sik only drinks black coffee and Mi-jeong likes him. Will they come true?
Five, Tae-sik is a loser who uses his wife to rip money off of other men. Geun-hyeok loves her. What will happen to them?
Six, what is someone is watching me? Mi-jeong asks detective Geun-hyeok for help…
Seven, “I have a wife!” Geun-hyeok drinks with his sexy superior Mi-jeong and thing happen.
Eight, Mi-jeong and her husband have a pile of debt. Mi-jeong goes to her friend Geun-hyeok who can foresee the future.
Nine, Geun-hyeok is perfect and Mi-jeong loves her husband but she can’t help feeling unsteady.
Ten, Tae-sik leaves on a suicide journey and meets Mi-jeong. They fall in love…

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