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Beautiful Wives (2017)

Beautiful Wives (2017)
Title: Beautiful Wives / 부부교환섹스 2017
Directed by: Oyukka Hayato
Stars: サナ Sana, 星ユウノHoshi Yuuno
Realease: 2017-05-08 (Japan)
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: Subscene
Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult
Country: Japan |  HDRip

Sana, who was not satisfied with sex with her husband and had accumulated desire,
Stress relief Register at your husband’s company’s swimming club.
The company president who steals the Sana who sweeps the water with his swimsuit and steals it.
In the end, the president who can not tolerate the desire will give her husband an extraordinary promotion.
Make a shocking offer to exchange each other’s wives.

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