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Playing with Color (2017)

Playing with Color (2017)
Released: 13 Jun 2017
Runtime: 67 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance Adult
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean
Rated: R

Alternate Titles: 색에 놀다

A 25-year-old mother’s solo index, dreaming of a white, pure and good love. Her unrequited love partner is the owner of a passionate and free sex pavilion.

One day, the index happens to meet my friend Sujin. Sujin is talking about the sex story of Joon-seok during college and stimulates the index and the index is not so good.

In the end, the index makes a plan to spend one night with Ch’an in order to have confidence in Ch’ing. And finally

, I was tempted by Jaejoong … “Sir, I’m ready now …”

“Ready … I’m ready.”

Shall we play hard tonight?

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