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Confessions of a Female Secretary: Juice From the Fruit (1976)

Confessions of a Female Secretary: Juice From the Fruit (1976)

AKA : Onna hisho no kokuhaku: kaniku no shitatari (1976)
Director : Yukihiko Kondô
Cast : Hitomi Kozue, Erina Miyai
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

File Size: mkv 1.45 GB

Tokyo trade of the president’s secretary, beautiful naked body of Ayako Kageyama Yuku been wrapped in a first-class goods. Drifted the scent of Arapeju, she come to work. The ears of Ayako that before the passing by of the copy room, the voice of strange men and women came hear. It of new employees Kazuyo Ito has been committed to Kitamura section chief of the General Affairs Department. Ayako had started feeling the night of five years ago. Ayako is !%*#*? Kitamura that night, it was was given a chair with a president’s office secretary as its price. Ayako a night, are invited to the mysterious mask party. A dozen men and women, some are embraced in the nude, he had smoked some are suspicious grass. Ayako while dancing with one of the young, is gradually opening the body… – Google Translate

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