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A Woman Called Sada Abe (1975)

A Woman Called Sada Abe (1975)
Alternate Titles: jitsuroku abe sada die geschichte der abe sada el abismo de los sentidos la véritable histoire d’abe sada abesada – l’abisso dei sensi abe sada
Directed By: Noboru Tanaka
Written By: Akio Ido
Produced By: Shigeru Kuribayshi Yoshihiro Yuhki
Released: 08 Feb 1975 (42 years ago)
Runtime: 76 Mins
Genre: Drama Horror Crime Romance
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Internal:  English

The young and beautiful Sada Abe, the daughter of a rich merchant, is banished for losing her virginity after being raped by a college student. Sada wanders the city, becoming a geisha and eventually meeting Kichizo, a posh restaurateur who falls under her spell. Together, they embark on a week-long sexual escapade filled with dangerous obsessions. Their complete descent into each others desires culminates in a shocking crime of passion which captures the city’s headlines. Based on a real event from 1936.

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