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Amakuchi Knight Part 2 (2014)

Amakuchi Knight Part 2 (2014)
Released: 01 Jan 2014
Runtime: 76 Mins
Genre: Comedy
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese

Haruhira who works for Sweak Kaku Confection has signed a mistress contract with a company’s junior · Moe Nana. I managed to eliminate the mistress relationship and want to be lovers, but in October ‘s Chunpei there is no such courage and every day I get lost in Moe Nana’ s body …. Meanwhile, new incidents came to Chunpei. TKO Shoji that had been contracting for many years went bankrupt. The stocks purchased from newly contracted vendors were only bad things. There seems to be some kind of trickery on the other side. In addition, in Chunpei, I see witness that Moe Nana is sticking to a strange man. On the other hand, Chunpei is also tempted by carnivorous beauty Chiaki of the accounting department ….

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