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Sex 100% (2005)

Sex 100% (2005)
Titles: Sex 100%
Street Date: 2005
Category: Erotic |  Drama
Duration: 01;26;20
Country: Hong Kong
Languages (2 audio tracks): 1. Mandarin | 2. Cantonese
Subtitles EMBEDDED: Chinese
Director: Yuan Lang
Cast: Grace Lam, Oscar Lam, Chu Wing Yan
Size: 1.18 Gb

Fai has many girlfriends before, but he is frustrated because he is still waiting for his goddess. His friend, Kei, is a pretty lady. On her birthday, Fai takes a vow with other friends, claiming that they would never take advantage of Kei. One day, Fai’s goddess suddenly appears. It turns out that she is the cousin of Kei. They fall madly in love shortly. However, she has to leva Hong Kong to study abroad. Before she leaves, she tells Fai a secret – Kei has been secretly in love with Fai. Fai doesn’t know what to do, because he has taken a vow…

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