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The Outer Way (1998)

The Outer Way (1998)
Released: 01 Jan 1998
Runtime: 99 Mins
Genre: Drama Crime Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Rokuro Mochizuki
Actors: Hakuryû Amiko Kanaya Akaji Maro

Himuro is a cop fired by his superiors as a scapegoat for their involvement in sokaiya racketeering. This pale rider takes a train to nowhere – ‘nowhere’ in this case being a small town by the sea – where he very soon gets the measure of what makes the community tick: a miasma of bent politics, dodgy religion, internet porn, disorganised crime and a little marijuana cultivation on the side. Himuro befriends the mysterious Kuwata who makes it his business to ‘clean up the local garbage’ and the self-hating Mika, who becomes his lover and eventually bears his child. He also weeds the yakuza patch and helps Kuwata to sort out the scumbag aspiring politician who is the centre of the local moral vacuum. But Himuro is not some strange avenging angel brought in to weigh the town in the balance and find it wanting; he has lived and breathed corruption itself, and is as vulnerable as anyone else to attack…

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