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Everyday Relationship (2018)

Everyday Relationship (2018)
AKA : Geukjangjeon
Director: Kang Soo A
Cast : Kim In Ae, Yu Sung Young, Isu
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

Plot (Google Translate)
chapter1. After-school classes
Minyoung is trying to become an elderly lecturer while taking a nosebleed with overwork. One day
I encounter raw materials that have not been left in the classroom. The rain stopped without an umbrella
Two people waiting. When the thunder sounded, the surprised Missyoung held in the bosom of the raw material,
The two who are facing each other are attracted to instincts that can not be denied. So the two
We will have a secret after-school class …

chapter2. Day
Sergeant Sang Hee, who is about to take a Christmas vacation. Harsh swearing is a basic daily necessity for oneself
The chief sergeant stood up with the enemy. I was excited to meet my girlfriend Jeong Yeon
But she has a promise. Meanwhile,
After receiving a similar message, Eunyou comforts Sang Hee with Dong Byeong Sang Ryun.
Sang-hee feels different emotion from his former self-conscious eunyoung …

chapter3. Midnight beauty salon
The hair salon apprentice sits on the mannequin every night and practices. then
She came to her suddenly and said that she had a company interview.
He is a skillful man, but he is in a good mood because he is doing his best. Missy Young’s farewell
In the confused state of the notice, the mental heart toward Jung-yeon is getting hotter.
I’m going to …

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