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Actress Sex Lessons (2019)

Actress Sex Lessons  (2019)
Released: 07 Apr 2019
Runtime: 103 Mins
Genre: Romance
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean

Alternate Titles: Actress Sex Lessons 2019 720p HDrip AAc x264 IDFL

Having challenged a new erotic actor, I-bong is misunderstood as an actress in the first movie, and becomes outcast again. I was initially disappointed in the fact that I can not learn to learn erotic actor. I am leaving for Japan to take a chance to meet AV actress Reina. With the help of his older socks, Yoshida, a legendary Japanese AV guy and now disappeared, meets Yoshida’s master. As a first disciple, I-bong starts his career as an AV actor through training. At the end of the day, she gets the chance to play the role of an actor in the broth and finally get the chance to be selected as a partner of Reina. Reina, who has had more than one day feelings for such a thing, wants to know the meaning of the idol … The love and challenge of the idol growing as a male actor begins.

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