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The Naked Seven (1972)

The Naked Seven (1972)
Released: 27 Dec 1972
Runtime: 79 Mins
Genre: Adventure Action Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Yasuharu Hasebe
Actors: Genshû Hanayagi Mari Tanaka Keiko Tsuzuki Yuri Yamashina Genjiro Arato Keiko Aikawa Hyôe Enoki Hiroshi Gojo Michiyo Mako Setsuko Ohyama
Internal:  English

Prolific Nikkatsu studio director Yasuharu Hasebe crossed the Seven Samurai legends of Shichinin No Samurai with his own popular Naraneko Rokku series, dressed it up with some of the most popular softcore pinup queens of the day, and scored one of the studio’s few crossover successes of the period. Although American audiences, who saw the film as The Naked Seven, no doubt appreciated its scantily clad female warriors battling thieves to save a small village, it is likely that the parodic script (by cult director Atsushi Yamatoya) was lost on most non-Japanese viewers. Popular starlets Mari Tanaka, Yuri Yamashina, and Keiko Tsuzuki appear alongside Genshu Hanayagi, who had caused a scandal earlier in the year by switching from classical ballet to the naughty excesses of Maruhi: Shikijo Mesu Ichiba.

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