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Toxic Desire : Addiction (2014)

Toxic Desire : Addiction (2014)
Title: Toxic Desire: Addiction
Hangul: 욕망의 독: 중독
Formerly known as “Cutie” (이쁜이)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Director: Yoon Yeo-chang (윤여창)
Release Date: 2014/09/25
Runtime: 91 min
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: None ATM

Hong Kyeong-in 홍경인 as Joon-sang (준상)
Kim Seon-young 김선영 as Ji-soo (지수)

“Someone’s always watching me but people don’t believe me when I say there’s someone there”
Psychiatrist Joon-sang is a well-known doctor. He is level-headed with his patients, but he’s got a painful past. He’d witnessed his wife kill herself because she was ?*%#@. He’d suffered insomnia along with guilt and sadness until a beautiful girl Ji-soo comes along. She tells him every man who’s loved her died and that someone was watching her. She seduces Joon-sang. A detective suspects Ji-soo to be involved with a recent murder case and asks Joon-sang for her medical records…
Falling in love with something dangerous and the end of which is unknown!

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