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Younger Sister (2019)

Younger Sister (2019)
Released: 01 Jan 2019
Runtime: 54 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean
Alternate Titles: 어린여동생

Ji – hoon lives in his brother ‘s house. One day, her sister Junsu brings her marriage Ria and her sister, Yemi. Ji Hoon turned against Yemi. After a while, Leah and Jinsu decided to prepare for marriage. Yummy that is asleep with disheveled attire. When it wakes up even if it wakes up, it begins to boldly touch. Jimmy woke up after a long time. The underwear is peeled off, and the lower part hurts. Ji Hoon doing the same thing again in a few days. I’m in the middle to report it. But already Ji – hoon knows where she feels and makes her speech with great pleasure. And Leah accidentally sees it. After a while, I quarreled with the little things and left the house. She is so drunk that she gets drunk and goes to Jihoon’s room without knowing it.

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