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Eat baby (2016)

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Eat baby (2016)
AKA :吃孩子
Director : Wu Haohao
Cast : Wu Haohao, Ningning Ge
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Subtitles : – Chinese/English

Wu Hao Hao, self addressed as indepent filmmaker, poet, loner and a lover. He started filming the world since 2007, which is his second year in College. He is born and raised in Shanxi province, a place where everyone else is chasing capital. He went to Chongqing to study film and ever since then he found his new way out. He enjoyed expressing himself with camera. He is a very young film maker but with some small prize already.His film <Kun1 action> has been displayed in many film festivals including 39th International film festival Rotterdam, 28th Vancouver International film festival, 5th Munich International Documentary Film Festival… Different from other documentary filmmakers, Wu Hao Hao finds it is very interesting to record the world with certain design. He emphasizes the importance of the author of a movie.

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