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Scissor Dick (2019)

Scissor Dick (2019)
Released: 02 Mar 2019
Runtime: 86 Mins
Genre: Horror Comedy Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Naoyuki Tomomatsu Taira Takano
Actors: Sasa Handa Maki Aoyama Ryô Asagiri Hiroshi Gunji Kirie Kawasaki 宮村恋 Takeshi Nakazawa Rin Ogawa Shijimi Marie Aoi The Third Miho Wakabayashi
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: 本当はエログロいイソップ寓話 シザーチンp

Kametaro Deba is an incel and even his attempt to marry so he can finally get laid fails as his wife just ends up cheating on him. He kills her and dumps the body parts in the mountains, where his wife’s ghost curses him and causes him to turn into a monster called “Scissor Dick”.

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