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With Aunt It’s Not a Sin (1980)

With Aunt It’s Not a Sin (1980)
Released: 23 Dec 1980
Runtime: 78 Mins
Genre: Comedy Countries: Italy Languages: Italian
Directed By: Giuseppe Pulieri Stelio Fiorenza
Actors: Marina Hedman Antonella Antinori Pietro Aiello Alessandro Partexano Gino Pagnani Mauro Vestri Elio Stefanizzi Catherine Zago Lina Tabacchino Vanessa Vitale Salvatore Puntillo

Alternate Titles: con la zia non è peccato

The rich Gloria, resident for years in the United States, returns to live in her native country in Sicily, where she is welcomed by her sister-in-law, widow Antonia and her son Saro. The beautiful Gloria does not fail to arouse particular interest in the inhabitants of the place, especially in a building speculator, the engineer De Vita, who intends at all costs to get hold Gloria’s land. She will be able to seduce the man, and then allow herself to the sister-in-law and the nephew before leaving for the USA.

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