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Legend Of Shue Tao :A Gifted Female Scholar (2001)

Legend Of Shue Tao :A Gifted Female Scholar (2001)
Runtime: 85 Mins
Genre: Adult Countries: Hong Kong Languages: Cantonese Mandarin
Internal:  Chinese   English

Alternate Titles: 江水无痕之薛涛

Xue Tao is a very talented and proud woman, also known as a literary prostitute in the past dynasties. However, even if the atmosphere of the Tang Dynasty is open again, it is still the era of men in power. Xue Tao’s identity as a prostitute just keeps her from turning over. Xue Tao, who regards himself as extraordinary, has been unable to find the right man to support because of his personality and environment, so he has to live alone. Xue Tao and Yuan Zhen loved each other, but because of her status as a prostitute, she couldn’t pass through the door eventually, which made them regret for life.

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