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Temptation of Aunt 3 (2020)

Temptation of Aunt 3 (2020)
Released: 05 Jun 2020
Runtime: 70 Mins
Genre: Romance Adult Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean
Alternate Titles: 이모의유혹3

The young and sexy aunt and nephew of a college student nephew full of desire begins.

Tae Hoon, who passed the medical school and imagined his college life alone, was disappointed at his mother’s old friend, Kyung-sook’s house. Tae-hoon was unable to hide his disappointment and entered the boarding house. After seeing the owner’s mature body and beauty, she is happy to board. One day while she was drooling while looking at her sexy aunt Kyung-suk on her immaculate skin, while she sneaked into her aunt’s room, she saw her aunt on the Internet. After that, Tae-hoon solves her desire by looking at her aunt’s friend, but Tae-hoon becomes increasingly eager for her.

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