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The Thirst of a Married Woman (2020)

The Thirst of a Married Woman (2020)
Released: 05 Jun 2020
Runtime: 66 Mins
Genre: Romance Adult Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean
Alternate Titles: 애원하는 유부녀

Sujin and Minjung are close friends. They are both married, but were having issues with their sex life.

Sujin’s husband seems to avoids sex on the excuse of being tired. Then she met Min-jung and talked about her dissatisfaction…

Minjung said that she doesn’t have to have sex with her husband. So she introduces Sujin to a mobile application where she can find a partner whenever she wants sex.

Soojin, who hesitated, meets Tae-seok through the app and enjoys sex and finds vitality in her life, but Min-jung feels a boredom in the relationship with her partner Yun-seok. So she proposes to exchange partners. Will they be able to have a satisfying sex life?

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