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Hole-in-law (2020)

Hole-in-law (2020)
Released: 05 Jul 2020
Runtime: 94 Mins
Genre: Romance Adult Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean
Alternate Titles: 구멍동서

I want to have sex with my woman and my friend!

An omnibus movie about the jealousy of a man who can’t stand the fact that his favorite woman slept with another man in two episodes.

Episode 1

At a drinking party led by Jae-hoon, movie director Sang-min meets Hye-jin. Sang-min compliments and sleeps with her favorite Hye-jin while watching her movie. The next morning, Hye-jin’s friend Mina left early because of her job, Jae-hoon and Sang-min, who were watching a movie together in Hye-jin’s bed are attracted by the atmosphere and curiosity and enjoy 2 to 1.

Episode 2

Sang-min meets his school friend Ji-eun at the club.

When his foreign friend James showed interest in Ji-eun, Sang-min suddenly became interested in Ji-eun.

That night, Sang-min finds out that Ji-eun slept with James, and visits Ji-eun’s house with complex emotions mixed with like, anger and jealousy and confesses that he likes her.

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