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Redemption (2020)

Redemption (2020)
Released: 01 Jan 2020
Runtime: 106 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean

Hani was asking the whereabouts of the people around her… Strangely, you learn that the writing of Young-cheol, a web fiction writer, started all these events. Sang-hee upset because of her husband… You go to a place where you can heal with a friend’s recommendation, and you face a situation where it is difficult to tell whether it is a dream or reality. My husband, Dong-seok, who thought such behavior was strange… I follow my wife’s navigation and check what she’s doing… You also experience strange phenomena. In addition, Yeong-jun, who has experienced near-death experiences, has a strange experience of moving other people’s inner minds and spaces. Hani and Young-cheol’s confrontation to exhaust her boyfriend and the people around him and all the things Dong-seok asks Young-joon to find his wife are dreams or reality. .

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