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The 3rd Year of the Affair (1983)

The 3rd Year of the Affair (1983)
Released: 08 Jul 1983
Runtime: 74 Mins
Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Alternate Titles: Sannen-me no Uwaki 3年目の浮気

An erotic drama depicting the crisis of visiting a couple in their third year of marriage. Hideki and Kyoko, who have been married for three years, have been seriously engaged in married life without cheating on each other. One day, a colleague Tomomi suddenly approached Hideki, and they became affair. Kyoko, who suddenly started to wonder about Hideki who was late, decided to work in a pub to distract her from the loneliness… Yoshimitsu Morita of “Family Game” writes the script and Shun Nakahara takes the megaphone.

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