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Girl with the Long Hair (1975)

Girl with the Long Hair (1975)
Released: 11 Dec 1975
Runtime: 91 Mins
Genre: Comedy Romance Countries: Hong Kong Languages: Chinese
Directed By: Ho Fan
Actors: Dana Wai Wang Henry Yu Yang Terry Lau Wai-Yue Mai Laan Shen Chiang Wong Jun Shi Tou Ya Dian Ba Ran Gan Ni-Jia
Internal:  Chinese   English

Alternate Titles: 長髮姑娘 cheung fat goo leung chang fa gu niang

“Girl With Long Hair” shows how universal the look of 1970s softcore pornography was. It is populated by hipsters wearing aviator glasses and cool mustaches running after hot chicks with feathered Farrah Fawcett hairstyles and plastic jewelry. There are shag carpets on the floor and oil paintings on velvet on the walls. The decor uses the brightest colors available, especially international orange, a then ubiquitous shade that is now only seen on emergency equipment such as life jackets. The set designer and costume designer also used a lot of school

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