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Jissha honban onanii: Mibôjin-hen (1993)

Jissha honban onanii: Mibôjin-hen (1993)
Released: 08 Jan 1993
Runtime: 59 Mins
Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Various titles:
実写本番ONANIE 未亡人篇  / Jissha honban ONANIE: Mibōjin-hen
欲しがる未亡人 快楽責め  /  Hoshigaru mibōjin kairaku seme

Director : Mototsugu Watanabe
Writer: Rei Futami
Stars : Nao Saeki,Kiyomi Ito, Misao Sugihara, Ryûji Yamamoto

A widow who abandons her husband after he dies! She has only one outlet for her lust… the tearful atonement of a lecherous adulterous wife! What’s better, a cucumber or an electric poppy? What’s better than a cucumber or an electric cock? I think I’ll try mayonnaise after all…

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