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Seven Colors Vol. 1 (2010)

Seven Colors Vol. 1 (2010)
Released: 02 Mar 2010
Runtime: 72 Mins
Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Ikuhito Kanbara
Actors: Sakura Aida Kokomi Naruse Harumi Asano Shô Nishino Asaki Natsukawa

To go to the same university with his girlfriend, Miki, Shuichi has moved to an apartment owned by her mother, only to find that all the other tenants are beautiful women– Wakana, a secretary at a major corporation; Natsuki, an international flight attendant; Shizuka, a doctor; and Azumi, a teacher. These girls, led by Wakana come to his apartment to party every night. His dream to live with Miki soon begins to ship away, all the more so as his penis is too large to be intimate with her. Is he able to resist the seductions of his fellow tenants and make it with Miki?

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