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O-type Watermelon Chest Housekeeper (2021)

O-type Watermelon Chest Housekeeper (2021)
Released: 08 Jan 2021
Runtime: 69 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean

New concept housework assistant who can not do housework but comforts the body and mind,

Where can I release it today?

Friends Cheol-min and Jae-hyuk, who have met and talked with after a long time.

Jaehyuk said that the domestic helper who recently came to work at his house is strange.

I talk about the maid, housekeeper cleaning and preparing food

He said he was worried because he couldn’t do housework.

I’m not good at housekeeping, but with big breasts and ass

When Jaehyuk said he seemed to seduce himself, Cheolmin

Imagine having sex with Jae-hyuk and a maid, Contrary to Cheolmin’s expectations, Jaehyuk is still working as a housekeeper.

Cheol-min felt frustrated at Jae-hyuk’s words saying nothing happened.

He tells the innocent Jae-hyuk how to get around her.

Can Jaehyuk succeed in sex with a beautiful housekeeper?

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