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Subway Serial Rape (1985)

Subway Serial Rape (1985)
Released: 22 May 1985
Runtime: 61 Mins
Genre: Crime Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Shûji Kataoka Hisayasu Satô
Actors: Mami Fujimura Akira Okamura Eri Ishizaka Hiromi Saotome Shirô Shimomoto Yoshiki Arizono Kazuhiko Goda Bunmei Tobayama Yutaka Ikejima Jimmy Tsuchida Yumeji Kasamatsu Hiromi Hiraguchi

Alternate Titles: 地下鉄連続レイプ chikatetsu renzoku reipu

A man with a briefcase is being pursued by a small yakuza gang. The man resembles one of the gang’s leaders. After abandoning his vehicle, the man boards a train where a woman is being raped by three thugs. Intimidated by the rapists, the other commuters do nothing to help the woman. Neither does the man. Later, however, the raped woman, a hot lesbian, reports the rape to the police and a witness comes forward. This complicates things for the man on the run and he is forced to take steps to protect his own identity.

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